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Originally Posted by k8zfj View Post
Started my build last Monday , by first slicing the instructions into square pages for easier reference.
Another alternative is to just zig-zag fold them along the horizontal boundaries of the steps.

When we frst put the kit in production, we looked at the option of printing a booklet vs. putting them on another plans-sized sheet. Economically the sheet approach worked better. We were also figuring that a lot of beginners would have past experience with plastic models, and we wanted to duplicate that look, to help them feel at home with it.

Today we might choose differently. My guess is we will probably go with a booklet for the 3-meter, if I can ever find the time to finish it. We did that, including color photos, on the instructions for the Roadkill Series models.

The other thing we've talked about is a construction DVD that we would sell separately. However, that requires a huge amount of time and resources to put together, which with my "day job" (designing and developing UAV's) is tough to fit into the schedule right now.

Next the ribs got labeled & stacked,...
Hint: If you are planning to cover the plane with transparent covering, label the ribs with a Hi-liter felt pen the same color as your intended covering color. The labels will "disappear" when you cover the plane.
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