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I have a pal who flies quads .. and another who has developed multi for commercial camera work. Both these guys will be invaluable for help on the ESC / multi side.

To pmullen ... both motors interesting, along with the 'Donkey' I found on HK.

The 7x5 prop is actually more than I really need I reckon .. but the problem is to get left and right hand via same supplier in same check-out. 6" is too small in my mind .... 7x4 is ideal, but as far as i see not available in L + R. I'd like 3 blade - but as I will be hand-launching and belly landing quite often - not a wise choice !

I noted another scratch builder had his props overlap ... not something I want to do. Means offsetting the nacelles.

As long as I can keep the ESC's and gear reasonably small - I can instal in the fuselage and only have to run the motor leads out to the nacelles, leaving room for the servo-less retracts.

Baz49 is already an email pal ... and we have interesting chats at times ... Brits together and all that !
He built a Wellington ... a model I plan to go for later as my father flew Wimpy's during the war.

To another who saves balsa scraps ... absolutely !! I also save foam scraps ... waste not - want not ! In fact it just about covers most things .. even bits of wire etc. that get snipped of ... they all find uses.

OK onto another area ........... with the availability of miniature servos .. I'm wondering about having servos instead of link rods for such as the rudders .. I have a box of 4.5gr servos that are remarkable and I already proved their ability by use of 2 on a 64mm EDF elevator system. They would be more than capable of 1 for each rudder.
There's an idea I toyed with many years ago but never actually tried. Here it might just be the ticket.

We all mount servos and then have a link rod or snake to the surface. What if the servo was inserted into the hinge line and the arm centre aligned with hinges .. such that the arm actually was embedded into the surface and direct operation ? Admittedly there would be a slot to allow servo body to clear ... but no slop, absolute control.

So lets look at :

Rudder control.

1. Above embedded servo ? But leaves tail wheel to connect up.
2. Single central fuselage servo with transverse rod
3. Flexi snakes from single servo
4. No rudder control and only tail-wheel ... not really what I want !


This I consider warrants split servos to ensure accuracy.


Also split servos and to be outer wing panels only.


Inner wing section only and split servos.

Total : 8 - 9 servos .... which means separate BEC especialy that I shall be fitting a pair of servo-less retracts as well. This brings me to powering the retracts separate to all other .. ie a second BEC specifically for the retracts.
Anybody care to suggest the wiring for that ? as I think ... the retracts signal wire along with ground plugs to Rx .. the +ve and ground connect to separate BEC. The first BEC for Rx / servos as usual with ESC BEC's isolated ...

BUT .. considering I have 4 ESC's ... is there no way I can use these BEC's to advantage and save installing separate ? Can I not use 1 to Rx and servos / retracts receive power from other BEC's of the ESC's ? Is it not a case of connecting the + / ground of each servo to a respective BEC ? with signal wire / ground to Rx ?


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