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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
I considered freewheeling 2 props ... but decided that if I'm gonna do it - I should do it properly and have the 4 working !

The wiring of the servos would be simplified by using a junction block. The servo leads themselves would stay as is ... then extension leads of split to the various contacts in the block. Sounds a mess but in fact would be simpler than you think.

The extra Rx is still a serious contender ... it would make the whole a lot easier ...

Given that we have potentially 4 BEC's ... why not capitalise on this ... have 3 Rx's ... given that use FrSky, cost is not that great and they are small ... particularly the 7 ch. I'm not so sure about the 4ch - as I've never used that. Is the 4ch a full range or a park Rx ?

More I think about it - the more I am inclined towards the multi Rx solution.

It also eases the question of dismantling the model for transport if only the LiPo connections need making / breaking ...

On the multiple rx solution, I've only done this with non-telemetry radios. With Spektum, if you bind both rx at the same time you can bind them to the same model number.

As a new convert to Frsky I have not had the chance to actually try two "D" series receivers simultaneously. I suspect the telemetry would be messed up at the very least. Probably not a problem with "V" receivers. On my 9x, I'm thinking about adding a DHT to go with the DJT module, and using PPM16 protocol for 16 channels.

Once you get telemetry, it's hard to live without.

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