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The 9x is a doddle for multi Rx use .. as it has no Model match.

My present 9x is non-telemetry module - so that's simple bind and go. The 2nd 9x on it's way to me as we speak is with telemetry even though I have no plans to use T. It's just that FrSky now basically provide the T enabled module cheaper ...

Most of my Rx's are the 7ch version and I love them ... simple, light and easy to bind. The re-lock time on them if you test by switching of Tx and then back on is fast ! Makes me wonder why anyone would want to use any other system !

Checked the 4ch ... it says 1.5km range - but its single antena, which says to me more for parkfly than serious range. So it's 7 ch Rx's for me. Given they are only $3 more .. why risk it !

So at present .. idea is to have 3 Rx's ... each powered by a BEC from ESC. The 4th ESC to have it's BEC red lead disconnected.

Now here's next question.

We have 4 motors. Do we connect all 4 to one channel ? so moving throttle stick controls all 4 together ? Or do we split inboard / outboard to separate controls ?
Years ago when I saw another with a 4 engine job - he set inboards via a slider and the outboards via the throttle stick. It meant the motors could be adjusted to balance in pairs. For landing he just reduced stick and the inboards were enough to maintain control but not to keep steady height. He could of course slip hand down to slider to increase or decrease as needed.
With the 9x - I reckon I could do similar but maybe also mix the two so when I push to max on stick - both pairs increase ? still with pot controlled pair able to adjust ?



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