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Summary so far :

Size : about 51"

Motors : 4 x 2208 or similar at 1400 - 1550KV

Props : 7x4 ... 7x5 contra rotating pairs

LiPo : 2 x medium 3S ... ie 1800 - 2200mAh

Servos : 2 x aileron, 2 x elevator, 2 x rudder + 2 retract

Rx : 2 or 3 depending on set-up of ESC / BEC

Construction : Foam sheeted framework with balsa stiffening where required. Wing to be foam sheet over laminated foam / balsa spars. Tail feathers to be foam sheet. Bomb-bay hatch to be magnet style hatch access for batterys etc., removeable to allow sweet-drop if reqd.

OK .. moving on ..

Painting : One guy I fly with uses fax roll paper to cover foam ... with watered down PVA glue as fixer. Will trial this on scrap before committing. My initial idea was to get model tissue and use that with PVA to form a skin. The paint will be household emulsion semi-matt. This gives excellent coverage and really good WW2 style look ... unlike most ARF / RTF models gloss ! It is also available in any shade you want mixed.

Wheels : What size wheels for such a model ? When you look at real life photos of Lancs - you note that main wheels are actually quite large diameter. For simplicity I will have wheels into slots in nacelles and no doors. Once in the air - I don't think it will be that noticeable.

Anyone else have anything to add to the summary ? It really is my wish that a list can be drawn up that embodies many peoples ideas and provides a base for others to build as well.

Once I get home and started on this - I will detail all the materials and ways I get around obstacles ...


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