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Default Here's my review posted on Horizon Hobby,

for the little Blade Scout...
""Got me into RC
PostedOctober 23, 2012
This little heli has been a blast for this 73yo guy..could never afford the RC hobby,
until now, and due to arthritis could not build anything. But this Heli is just what I needed
to get into the flying hobby...very very stable, and easy to fly, have hit the ceilings,
floors, walls several times, and the only thing that happened was the landing skids detached, but snapped them back on and flew again...I only fly it about once a week,
but still using original li-po battery, also bought a back-up battery, have yet to charge it..
I will be purchasing another of this heli for the time when I finally destroy it, but that
is not as easy as one might think from the price..
All in all this has been the perfect purchase for this old guy to have some fun in retirement,
even my doubtful wife is having fun watching me fly it.""
I'm still having a ball with this little thing!!
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