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went to the field today and my hitech optic 6 with the module in the back of TX quit after the second flight...,but no crash so now I'm replacing the TX module first and then if need be the TX.

the hitech has served me very well and the2.4 assan module purchased from hoobyking has been flawless up until recently when i noticed it took longer to bind green light on the TX when turning it on and at times didn't and stayed red until i pushed on it.i check the pin connections where the module plugs in the back of the tx and thought they weren't connecting cleanly with the moduel...also thought i fixed it but was wrong.

so i say to anyone choosing a first radio...go with the one that makes you happy and best suits your future flying needs since once you fill all your planes with the compatible rx's it'll be tough on the wallet to change systems. as for my choice,i will gladly buy another hitech optic6 if needed,i just wish it had a larger number of model memory. i really could use 2 tx's.

this hobbies so expensive! gotta love it.

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