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Default New All SPAD Combat Class

In an effort to introduce new combat flyers to thrill of RC Combat, the Radio Control Combat Association created a new all SPAD Combat class featuring the SPAD GNAT
Cheap and easy to build, durable and flies great....Perfect for beginners and club combat.
They build very quickly for little money and are more durable than most SPADS. I built mine in the pic below in under two hours.
You don't need building skills and could have a club build party to complete a fleet of planes.

The basic rules are simple:
1. Looks like a GNAT
2. SSC motor and prop (.15 size with MA 8x3 prop) or equivalent electric setup
4. NO weight restriction!
They turn tight enough to cut their own streamer!

Visit for complete rules

Dane "Mad Max" McGee
Greenville, Texas
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