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Originally Posted by maxflyer View Post
Hello, I've been a lurker, but decided to post on a problem to see if anyone could help. Have been having difficulties with a group of 20A Saker ESCs. Seems they test LIPO V before arming motor. Anything 8V or above, they detect battery as 3S, anything below 8V they detect as 2S. I'm running them with 2S batteries, which come off my Bantam charger at a default top-off of 8.4V. The ESC's interpret this voltage as a 3S battery with very low voltage. The motor (if it arms at all) will do a one second blip, then shut down. In order for my motor to arm and run I have to discharge my batteries down below 8V, or monitor them manually to insure they don't charge above 8V (a hassle). I assumed 8.4V was probably a standard cut-off for most chargers. My Bantam BC6-10 seems to offer no max V upper cutoff adjustment. Is this a common problem, or do I perhaps have a batch of ESCs that have been mis-calibrated at the factory? Even the vendor I purchased from is scratching his head over this one. Thanks
If you are in the USA, check out the Castle Creations Thunderbird ESC's. More $$$$, but they can be programmed with their USB type programmer and your computer. And, they work. Their Thunderbird line allows either an automatic LiPo LVC (Low Voltage Cutoff), or a fixed voltage adjustable by 0.1 volts.

I've got their ESC's from their 18 Amp Thunderbird to their 80 Amp ICE series High Voltage unit running on my 12S2P a123 battery packs.

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