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seems like everyone likes this EDF

Only customers who have purchased this product can make a reviewOverall Rating9/17/2012
24 likesValue Quality Like it?Test on 3000mah 5s, turnigy 85a esc- 1150w. 60a, 1350g thrust, in durafly vampire, weight of model is 1500g Sounds great came well ballanced. but i think i will have to use 6s, I will post test data on 6s soon
Overall Rating9/17/2012
24 likesValue Quality Like it?Test on 6s 4000 40c, 85a esc, timing:high 78a, 1930w, only 1710g thrust. Can anyone spot where I have gone wrong? Where is the promised 2.45 kg???
Overall Rating9/19/2012
105 likesValue Quality Like it?as normal a lander fans great power and smoothness ,just a quick run up with meter put 1774w at 24volt 77 amps, the wires got a little warm for my liking so ill probably solder direct to the fan wires when installed . it sounded great with no vibration could not test thrust but felt good this is going in my jiperjet. ho boy
Overall Rating10/18/2012
5 likesValue Quality Like it?Hi, I have tested it with a 6s-2650-45c-Nanotec on ​​my Funjet Ultra, it draws 60a continuous, flight time 3 minutes, speed clocked at 225 km / h, only the turbine sound is not right, I hear a little whistling sound, a good fan for less money,
Overall Rating10/24/2012
1 likesValue Quality Like it?this DPS fan has a motor w/2200KV it seems like they have a newer one w/ a motor w/3000KV..less total wattage output on the other DPS edf, i wish the front lip was removable for the ducting im using in my SU 35/37 from thinking of cutting the lip off so i can use it or use the wemo that it was made for. I'm thinking of trying to use the 10 blade in a wemo housing but I'm not all that versed in how to figure thrust output etc..but as far as the unit itself it looks very well manufactured just hope its balanced like they said which i dont know about..when i know more ill post

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