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Originally Posted by maxflyer View Post

OK, out of four of these 20A Sakers I ordered, two of them exhibited normal behavior and two were funky. That was bad news for me, but perhaps not as bad for the vendor. He says he hasn't had any other negative reports besides mine. That could mean I was just unlucky in getting the two bad ones, and the current supply might not all be affected. Of course, if people ordered these and connected them only to 3S or larger packs, they might never know that there was a problem with 2S packs.
Makes you wonder if having to buy four units to get two that work is less expensive than buying other brands?

On the other hand, I had to send in one of my Castle Creations 80 Amp HV ICE ESC's last spring on their factory recall. Took CC near two months to get it back. And absolutely ZERO communication from CC, could not even find out if they even had my ESC in the first place. Even though I'd put a received delivery response from CC on the package.

When I finally got it back, they did include a very nice transmitter neck strap with the ESC.

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