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info Cutting a battery hatch

Originally Posted by bluzjamer View Post
I have a mini tele also. Also have big hands and have broken balsa getting the battery out.
Tried a 1300 mah and it was still tail heavy so I went to a 1800 mah. I need to install a tray as I was using velcro on the curved vottom and it was coming loose in flight and shifting the cg. What do you guys use to cut out a hatch? Exacto, mini saw, coping saw, dremel? I also had to use low rates and expo to calm down the twichyness this model had. Using a 8-6 prop on a axi 28 series.
I just cut mine (see pics above) with an Xacto-type knife, and fitted a Velcroed tray.

As for CG (and twitchiness with tail-heaviness), I found I needed lead ballast in the nose. More recently, I've gone to a 3S 2200 mAH Lipo (with an Axi 2208-34 and an 8x6 prop) and have been able to take out the lead. Now flies beautifully, cruising just just under 1/2 throttle and not a hint of twitchiness (DX6i on low rates and expo).

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