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Default I have to be stark raving bonkers ! Winter

So I'm warm sitting at my desk scanning through the latest forum posts ... and phone rings ....

Hey Nige ... flying today ?

Hi Uldis ... yeh why not ... what time ?

Nige - meet in an hour at the rough site ...

Ok Uldis ...

I put phone down and look out the window ......... we have snow, about 10cms so far ... thermometer shows -3C .... grey skies ..... but calm.

So I pack up the car ... Cessna and my two T45's ... box of LiPo's ... Tranny ... tools .....

Across to flight site ... It's cold but not so bad ... so I power up and launch the Cessna while waiting for the guys to arrive ....

Uldis arrives and powers up his Cessna .... so there we both are carving up the skies with our Cessna's ....

Hey Uldis ... where's the other guys ?

Nige - 2 are drunk, others out buying a bicycle ... others I dunno ....

OH - OK .. so it's just us two then.

We have a bunch of flights each using up the batterys we have with us ... and I have 1 LiPo left ...... Uldis is already finished all his ... and he watches me.
I launch ... there's an odd flake of snow coming down but nothing special ... then within seconds it's white out ! Luckily my Cessna has the red on it - so I can just make out faint red in the air ....... I gingerly bring it round .... hoping I have her right .... she comes into good view ... Now at this point you'd think I would land ? No I decided to keep going !!

Yep ... snow coming down ... Cessna in the sky ... me getting covered .... Uldis asking how long I'm gonna stay up !!

Finally I brought her in ... picked her up ... took out the battery ..switched off ... put in car and went home.

Was it worth it ? Yeh sure it was !! We have agreed to meet again tomorrow !


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