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Default Unwanted interference mix

Hi. I have a weird problem with my radio. I've been flying off and on since the '80's. I have an AMA 1991 gold label FM World engines Expert radio which has worked great till now. Currently, I'm flying a HOB Super Decathlon converted to electric.(10 years old) Everything works ok on the pre-flight ground check. I handlauch as it has a glider skid on it. It climbs great and flys great.

Here is the problem: At altitude, If I pull back more then 1/2 way on the stick, it immediately snap rolls to the right. It does it every time. Even with the motor turned off at speed. Less then 1/2 way, its just fine. Its like its a controlled mix. Its crazy.. I won't be flying it again till I figure this out. Actually I've done 3 flights with it like this. No more flights.

Any ideas of what could be causing this???
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