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great info. here's a few pictures.

i can build the wing flat, then cut in half and and a small amount of diehedral. just laying flat now it does look to droop, but maybe thats just my thick glasses.

sounds like I can add maybe an inch at the wing tip of dihedral if its going on the fuse shoulder or mid fuse. then maybe another inch or less totalling 1.5 inches at tip if i put the wing on the bottom of the fuse.

how about if I review these items
  • Airfoil (as you point out)
  • LE shape (blunt/sharp - makes a difference)
  • Weight of the model and wing loading
  • Thickness of the airfoil
1) airfoil is naca 0018 semitrical.
2) blunt LE - well round as a nickel or quarter.
3)wing loading should be low - i build light but this time will put a big motor and big battery. its go 60 inch by 12 inch chord without including ailerons which is about 5 square feet. auw expected will be 5 to 6 lbs.
4) thick wing naca 0018

hows my stall characteristics looking?

im not an expert flyer, but pretty good still.

stuart, i have a sig s flutterbug with foam wing (shoulder mount) it looks to have too much dihedral i cut down when i start that project. good idea!

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