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Originally Posted by paulatgis View Post
yeah. i dont like cutting the center ribs. maybe no big deal after gluing all back togther but definitely dont sant to cut those spars in the center, then id have to add a brace.

heres a close up of the wing joint i will cut to add dihedral. im gonna lose all that strength because its a single 1 inch by 3/8 inch spar. pic 2 shows how i split that into two in antoher plane - two 1/2 inch by 3/8 inche extended spars which i slid together and wrapped up with thread and ca.

i might have to just save those 1x3/8 spars and replace with two 1/2x3/8 which I can slide together only this time leae teh second out until after i cut and make the dihedral. same effect - add long 1x3/8 spanning both wings to skip a dihedral brace and cutting the ribs.
You got the right idea when you cut the wing spars in the center to get your dihedral the you put a piece of hard wood behind or in front to go ever the joint you cut.You could cut the rib out so you then could put one double over the top and bottom spar when you slide the double in reglue the rib to your new wing doubler .
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