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Originally Posted by Bill G View Post
The silk would probably be far stronger, although the Microlite provides a lot of stiffening. I imagine one benefit of silk or glass is that you don't need the CF reinforcement that would otherwise have to be used though, so I imagine there's some trade off there.
Nice and warm here today, although pouring rain for the past few days. Supposedly snow tomorrow, which would probably be better. You gotta love flying in a fresh, heavy snow, where you get great bad landing insurance.
Bill, it is that strong and makes it possible for me to use the very poor quality EPS foam which is so readily and cheaply available over here. The "cooler type" packaging foam which I have just used for the fuselage is better quality and cuts far better though. Depron is just amazing though and it's free if you buy enough frozen pizzas. LOL
I have considered CF reinforcement as it's cutting edge but I'm sticking with good old spruce at the moment as it's cheap, readily available and I can carve and shape it to pattern with a basic knife.
It's bright and sunny here this morning and 1 degree C. Last time I flew in snow was as a kid in the 60's when we put skies onto our control line models. I don't think it went very well as the snow didn't really last long enough but it would be really good to try that again with RC this time if we get any significant snowfall this year.
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