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Originally Posted by needlenoses View Post
Ok; changed to another esc (exactly the same); now I get better reading so that I can make progress; New readings for the Stock 9.5X7.5 are

22.8 amps/ 242.9 watts.

For the 11X7E I got 23.9 amps/ 250.9 watts.

I have a 10X5, 10X7 and a 10X10 to test with.

Still using an e-flite 40 amp esc pro.

Downloaded Motorcalc; now, to figure out how to input the data. I haven't seen anything in there listed as E-flite yet, so will have to dig up the data and figure out how and where to enter it. Did download the PDF whch will help.
That's funny my copy of motocalc does show the E-flite motors in their database. Go to the motor page, key in the letter "E", and scroll down from there.

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