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I would be difficult for me to use the 12 inch prop due to clearance when the plane lifts it's tail on take off. Local hobby shop has no 3 bladed props in stock, but there is always "on-line". I would think that if a 2 bladed E 10 in. prop gets me up to 30 amps, a 10 in. 3 bladed prop might do the trick. Thing is, how many props do I want to "buy and try" to get an answer. Motocalc is supposed to help, and I am trying to figure out all the parameters I have to enter to het answers. I have the motor, I have "built" my esc into the database, also my 60 amp esc for my test Stryker, I have built the airframe data, but I have to figure out what to do with "FILTER" and "DRIVE SYSTEM". I am reading, and getting there.

When this is done I will post the data on my test stryker. You will go YIKES!!!
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