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Originally Posted by needlenoses View Post
I would be difficult for me to use the 12 inch prop due to clearance when the plane lifts it's tail on take off. Local hobby shop has no 3 bladed props in stock, but there is always "on-line". I would think that if a 2 bladed E 10 in. prop gets me up to 30 amps, a 10 in. 3 bladed prop might do the trick. Thing is, how many props do I want to "buy and try" to get an answer. Motocalc is supposed to help, and I am trying to figure out all the parameters I have to enter to het answers. I have the motor, I have "built" my esc into the database, also my 60 amp esc for my test Stryker, I have built the airframe data, but I have to figure out what to do with "FILTER" and "DRIVE SYSTEM". I am reading, and getting there.

When this is done I will post the data on my test stryker. You will go YIKES!!!
I don't even use the filter command. Just enter the motor data, battery data, just about any ESC like a Castle Creations 40 amp or so, and put in a range of propellers, say from a 10-6 to a 12-10. Motocalc will spit out a number of results, like a 10-6, 10-7 - - then 11-6, 11-7 and so on.

Click on one of the results, and click on the "Opinion" to see what the program thinks of your selection. Especially watch the rate of climb, and the propeller pitch speed, as compared to the stalling speed of your model.

The opinion feature will flag you if you try to put in to high, or two low of a pitch for the projected models stalling and flying speed.

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