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Default Cheap and Easy Snow Skis

I have been thinking about making snow skis for my HZ Super Cub for a couple of winters, but didn't get around to it until today. These skis are simple to make and can be built from scraps that many RC's have laying around.

Coroplast (whatever thickness you have)
scrap of ABS plastic
4 small washers
Gorilla Glue
Tools:Sharp razor blades or Xacto

I am not including any dimensions as you should determine the appropriate size needed for your particular airplane. By "determine," I mean take your best guess. But, there is a ruler in a couple of shots, so you can get an idea of the size that I "determined" to be correct.

Main Gear
Trace out a snow ski shape of your SWAG determined length and width onto a piece of coroplast and cut out with a razor blade. I used a lighter to heat up the front portion of the skis to give it that upturn. I think the snow and skim border guys call it "rocker." Crap! That reminds me-I have a "fat boy's" skim board blank that I designed and need to glass. If you see a pudgy, pasty white, 40 something year old skimming the wash along the Delaware/VA/Outer Banks coast next summer, come say, 'Hi!'


Next, draw attachment brackets that will affix the snow ski to the axle and cut out. I attached small washers to the side of each bracket that face the wheel for reinforcement. If your axle is short (like mine) you may have to do some modifying to get everything to fit. You'll figure that out if you run into that problem!


Next, cut out a portion of the flute in the top side of the ski so the attachment brackets recess into the coro. Use Gorilla Glue to hold them in place. In my experience, hot glue is pretty much useless on coro. I used GG because it foams and contacts more surface area than other adhesives. I inserted my attachment brackets so that they angled toward each other. The GG will have enough give to allow the wheels to slide into place.


Once cured, attach to your landing gear axle.

Finally, the tail wheel ski is made from a small scrap of ABS plastic that I used for vacuum forming my own Cub Cowlings. (FYI-its a cool idea, worked, but for the cost, just buy a new cowl when needed. Besides, it looks like HZ has stepped up their game. The cowls are now made from a more durable plastic.) You can use whatever material you have laying around. Come up short? Just scour the house for anything that will work - old spray can tops, abused kids' toys, whatever!

Cut the ABS (or whatever) into a ski shape. I got fancy with this one. Then, I simply attached a small scrap of coro to the ski. I used a fair amount of CA and doused with kicker. Worked out well. I heated a scrap of control rod to drill the hole for the tail wheel wire.


Its snowing right now, so I'll be able to test her out in a little bit!

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All of my landings are three point landings if you count the spinner, too
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