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The skis work great! I was very surprised by how well it steered. I had thought of putting a small "keel" on the tail ski, but it is not necessary.

I had hoped to fly it, but the wind is really howling right now. I found the shelter of small outbuilding to taxi around out of the wind. Once confident, I taxied out and pointed it into the wind. The snow is really wet and grabs right now, so when I hit a dip on the uneven ground, the skis would dig in. As long as it was moving, she skimmed over the snow nicely. I decided to try a short hop. Dropped flaperons to 1/2 down, throttled up into the wind and she was off like nothing! I cut throttle and made a nice landing. Then, a BIG gust of wind came up! It picked the Cub up (I had full up elevator to pin the tail down) about 5 feet up and back toward me! I applied throttle and dropped elevator at about the same time the gust lessened. The Cub was nose down with no forward momentum, into the wind. The end result was like a big hand smacking the Cub to the ground. Ooph! One attachment bracket broke loose of the ski, but no other damage. Easy fix!

Overall, I'm quite happy with my "free" snow skis! They actually performed better than I had hoped.

Now, the snow is changing to sleet, then freezing rain. That'll put a nice crust on the snow. Time to take out the Wing Surfer for belly skidding fun!

All of my landings are three point landings if you count the spinner, too
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