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Cool! That blizzard condition taxi test report is great

For better or worse, mine are going to be a bit more involved. As it turns out, several of my planes have the exact same wheel base dimension, so I'm making a set of skis that can be swapped between them. The skis are bent walnut (ukulele construction scrap) with plywood pieces that allow them to be attached to the wheels with rubber bands:

Next, I'm going to make a wire spring thingie attached to the rear of both skis that comes together at a spot on the underside of the fuselage, attached with a spot of velcro. Unsprung, the skis will be parallel to the wing, but the spring will allow them to flex up a bit so the tail drager plane(s) can sit on the ground with the tail down. Then I need to work out a little ski for the tail skid...

Flight test Friday, with any luck

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