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Ya got any Beeman's?
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Welcome to WattFlyer!

Before you adjust any physical pushrods, make sure to power everything up per the instructions, then center all the trims in the transmitter. Then adjust the pushrods (usually by disconnecting the clevis from the control horn on the control surface, then turning it in or out as necessary) until the surface is centered. If you don't center the trims on the transmitter first, you may not have enough trim left over for when you need it.

Also, since it sounds like you're very new to this, it is standard practice to remove the propeller when doing anything like this. Electric planes/helis are actually more dangerous than their fuel powered counterparts, as they can start by themselves when you least expect it! There's usually at least one horror story per month between the various forums I visit, and some people are kind enough to post the gory photos of how they butchered themselves!

Now, before you run out and fly that, I'm guessing you've never flown RC before. Most here would like to see you be successful. (Some just want video of the destruction! ) To that end, I don't want to see this happen to you:

Here we go again

So I suggest reading some of this first:

6 keys to success

And here's some more in-depth reading to understand your plane's electronics, especially learn about the proper handling of lipo batteries, if that's what your plane uses.

Everything you wanted to know about electric powered flight

I could go on, but I'm running on an assumption of your skill level. Is this your first RC plane? Is this your first RC anything? There's just too many stories where someone gets a plane, runs out and tries, crashes, and decides the hobby sucks. But if you take your time, get the appropriate help, you can be successful and experience a great hobby. I would highly recommend searching here for an RC flying field near you and make a visit. Even bring your plane and most likely there will be plenty of people who would be more than happy to help you get started.

AMA club finder

Good luck, and please ask any questions you have!
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