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Default Flyzone (HOBBICO) Millennium Master (RxR & TxR)

Just a quick note of what I have experienced with this new Model known as the Millennium Master from Flyzone (HOBBICO - TOWER Product).

I had complete confidence on the model as it came out of the box so, I followed ALL instructions carefully and to the "T" and my maiden result was not all that nice. Please note a buddy bought the same model and his maiden went okay on the same day.

To save you from going to other RC Discussion Threads, I am going to provide you with the Letter I sent to Electronicsupport at Hobbico.

Dear Sir or Madame:

On Friday, 12-28-2012, I purchased the Flyzone Millennium Master TxR from Bob's Hobby Center in Orlando, Florida. I have been in the hobby for 40+ years and like to say that this model is very well designed and it handles like a baby doll. I say this because my buddy bought one as well and I video recorded his flight.

However, my model had an issue with an erratic Throttle condition and as you know the motor is controlled by the Brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) of which I have not been able to locate any Programming Instructions to figure out why my motor is being STOPPED all of a sudden during high speed RPMs around 1/2 Throttle and then, it starts back UP again causing the Propeller, Propeller Adapter and Spinner assembly as a whole to depart my Flying Model during a high steep climb and resulting in a stall and crashing. I have documented this condition carefully and recorded many Video footage of the defective product. Needless to say my model is not in its pristine condition out of the box as a result of this defective Electronics (ESC).

In my troubleshooting, I have eliminated the STOCK provided 1800mAH Lithium Polymer battery, the ANY-LINK RF device, the STOCK 37mm Brushless Outrunner motor and to verify it is in fact the ESC, I replaced the ESC with one of your competition (E-Flite 30-AMP Switch Mode ESC). The STOCK motor, if I may say (You can verify this by watching my Videos) very smooth commutation resulted throughout the Throttle Range, unlike the STOCK No Name, No Programming Instructions ESC that came with the model as I reached 1/2 throttle it made a horrible squelch noise and the Motor stop all of a sudden and a few mini-seconds later it starts up again while keeping the Throttle Stick at the same 1/2 throttle point.

I would like to discuss this matter with an experienced Technical Agent in your company and secure for a new model, if possible. I have repaired the existing model but, the Videos do not show the terrible condition of the frontal FUSE nor those delicate and fragile Decals that almost looks like paint (Very Poor feature of this model).

Here are links to the Videos!

1. Video showing the STOCK ESC producing the condition I have described above (first one is CRASH):
2. Videos showing a reproduction of the In-Flight Condition exhibiting from the STOCK ESC:

2A. Video showing a competitor's ESC (E-Flite 30-AMP Switch Mode):

I hope that I have provided enough information so, someone can call me up as soon as possible. Understandably, I am very upset that my new shiny Model has been damaged at no fault of mine and the various videos show the issue on the STOCK ESC.

Needless to say that today someone received their model and quickly wasted no time and assembled it to find an identical issue with his model and you all can see his Video up at:
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