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Futaba really screwed up on their marketing stratergy, and they not only screwed up once but several times..
  1. They missed the boat on 2.4Ghz favouring instead to sit on their laurels.
  2. Eventually they have no choice but to jump on the 2.4GHz bandwagon but stupidly they do it only at the top end of the range meaning newbies and the mid range masses have to choose other brands.
  3. When they do release mid range priced products they do so with a separate 2.4GHz protocol giving users no upgrade path to the higher end Futaba products.. Doh!
  4. They let Horizon corner the increasingly dominant RTF and BnF and Ultra-Micro markets rather than tieing up with some high volume RTF model manufacturer.
  5. Even today they still have no truly low price product to attract beginners. Their basic 4 channel 2.4tx is 300% more expensive that the equivalent Spektrum model!

The guy in charge of Futaba marketing strategy should be shot....

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