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Originally Posted by AEAJR View Post
10 years ago Spektrum didn't even exist. Today it is probably the top selling brand in the 2.4 market.

For the longest time it was Spektrum for the entry level to mid range stuff and JR for the high end. But Spektrum stepped on JR's spance with the DX8, DX10 and DX18. JR has now come out with a line of radios that abandon Spektrum's RF system.

It will be interesting to see if we start to see JR moving back into the entry level stuff to capture the newer pilots. Once a pilot gets set with a given 2.4 protocol it gets harder to move them to another RF system. That is how Spektrum did it.
Yep - I knew when I received the "pre release" Spektrum DX6 radio system for a review I knew in within 2 weeks of getting that box the RC world was about to change, forever. That system was released to the public in December of 2005, just over 7 years ago.

I had the Futaba 6EX in my hands for a review 18 months later. I was shocked it took Futaba that long to release their first 2.4GHz box.

I was so impressed with that 6 channel DX6 I sold ALL of my 72MHz equipment about 4 months after getting the DX6. I was that convinced.

It was a brilliant plan from Horizon. Release it under a new "brand" name but use JR boxes and software (brilliant). The reason I say brilliant is if the system had not "caught on" they had a new brand, not JR to expose to that. Brilliant.

Well we all know it caught on.

I don't know that I agree with stepped on - Horizon = JR = Spektrum anyway. Both are Horizon brands.

I would love to know the North America Radio system share on December of 2005 and today. I suspect Spektrum swapped with Futaba in share (well maybe as of a year or two ago).

Anyway - all the modern 2.4GHz system are the most reliable RF links we have ever had. All of us benefit. It is great to have a choice!

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