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No, sorry, that's not an okay plane to start out with. It's a GREAT plane to start out with, lighter than a Super Cub, larger than a Champ, steerable tail wheel, motor interlock switch--this thing is all set up to be a Champ killer and take the #1 unassisted newbie trainer plane crown.

And it should. Not only have they made a size that flies better and is less affected by wind but their price point is incredible, their foresight is amazing. You can buy a plug and play brushless motor kit and an aileron wing that just attaches and plugs into the radio. POW! This is not a Super Cub mod where you have the same old flying characteristics. The Gamma 370 4-channel wing turns the plane into a real sport flier. No removing dihedral. No figuring out how large to make the aileron cutouts or hardware hassles.

I think the Ares Gamma 370 is the only thing going that actually challenges HobbyZone's newbie plane dominance with its Champ, Super Cub, Firebird Stratos & Glasair Sportsman uber team. Other than the Gamma 370, learning to fly is HobbyZone's totally owned kingdom.
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