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Default some second thoughts on the Durafly vampire

No point in going over the construction or previous design merits of this plane, as it has been extensively covered both here and on RCG's. As my first Durafly model, it ranked very similar in quality to the other RTF foamies from China, although I bought it as a bare airframe only. Cost of freight was the same as the whole kit The parts fitment was reasonable, the foam easily crushed/marked if not carefull, and, and the supplied hardware in the same flimsy league as Starmax etc. Apart from that, it assembled well, and is a nice looking plane. I always use tape to assemble these fragile foamies, as it makes repairs so much easier, so there is not a drop of glue anywhere on this one, and almost no flex to speak of. Two strips of CF ribbon down the booms ( slits cut in and then taped over flush with the surface) and bi-directional tape on all the crucial joins. A coreflute former to seperate the custom cut out battery box, after removing the velcro board set up, as well as junking the undercarriage. Quite a weight saving all up. ESC in the air intake to stay cool, and belly reinforced with packing tape. I'm not a fan of twin booms, as they tend to break rather easy (had 4 of them so far), but this one is easily the best. With the COG somewhat forward of the suggested manual, she flew very nicely; responsive, stable enough, and with a truly excellent glide. All in all, a good value for money EDF. My youngest son claimed it straight away, and already hangs on the wall next to his Spitfire....maybe he'll let me fly it occasionally
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