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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
It may sound a bit ungrateful, but when a person modifies a kit or arf and posts as a review - I tend to switch of.

I know I'm guilty of it to a degree, but reviews in my mind should keep to as close to design as possible, that includes how it's joined. I accept that no-one in their right mind uses the junk glue supplied with chinese kits - in fact as canopy glue many of them work quite well !

I cannot think of anyone I know who doesn't use glue to join their models ... the thought of a 70mm EDF Vampire held together by tape ... but if it works and is secure then OK ...

I'd be interested to know technique and what tapes used, what widths, strengths etc. I think others may also be interested.

I have to admit that I don't even like to use tape to bind together a break at the field to fly again, other than maybe a broken canopy hold down ..

With all due respect I couldn't disagree more!
When somebody modifies a kit and takes the time and the trouble to tell us how he's done it, it is the only time that I sit up and pay attention.
I'd far rather hear how somebody did something differently than look at hundreds of how I put together my ARTF as everyone else does reviews!
Especially so when it's somebody like Michael who has a wealth of experience in flying electric foamies in extreme conditions.
Just my 2 pence worth, for what it's worth.

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