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Hi Baz ...

Not often we disagree !! In fact I don't disagree with you, but tend to see a review as that. A review of what is designed.

You know I'm one for unconventional approaches to many aspects of modelling, and I don't think I've built any model true to design yet.

Once a reviewer strays from the design build - then it takes on another avenue. The reader may have his own way that is not same ... but now the review is of away from design.

The OP here - I have great respect for as well ... I suppose the real issue for me is when someone takes a model and then starts putting own motors / gear in that model was clearly not designed for.... and it's not unusual for maidens / later part of review to have trouble.

I always remember chatting to Phil Ramsay about the RCM&E review of his Mini Pitts. I had one and it was one of the best on the market. The Reviewer didn't like Phils set-up and modified the build. The same review was a Head to Head with the Pilot kit of similar size. The result was Phils Mini Pitts crashed and was seriously downmarked by reviewer and the Pilot Kit scored Gold.
It was months later that the reviewer admitted his mistake and built as Phil designed - it flew perfect. But of course it was too late and verdict was already out months earlier.

What I'm illustrating is that a negative maiden result is as importanty as a positive. If built as spec'd ... it's a good chance the reason can be given and readers avoid the pitfall. Modify the build and what now ? Like me and Parkjets ... I could always blame the PKJ - but in reality it's me who's the error in the modifications I do.

Anyway .. I'm stuck in Singapore ... jobs p*****g me of ! Wife's ill ..... I'm far from my models ! still another 3 - 4 days before I can think about going home ...


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