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Default you missed the important bit....

Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
It may sound a bit ungrateful, but when a person modifies a kit or arf and posts as a review - I tend to switch of.

I know I'm guilty of it to a degree, but reviews in my mind should keep to as close to design as possible, that includes how it's joined. I accept that no-one in their right mind uses the junk glue supplied with chinese kits - in fact as canopy glue many of them work quite well !

I cannot think of anyone I know who doesn't use glue to join their models ... the thought of a 70mm EDF Vampire held together by tape ... but if it works and is secure then OK ...

I'd be interested to know technique and what tapes used, what widths, strengths etc. I think others may also be interested.

I have to admit that I don't even like to use tape to bind together a break at the field to fly again, other than maybe a broken canopy hold down ..

The bottom line was that my youngest son claimed it as soon as he flew it; everything else pales after that. Still, I'll regain my composure........great to see the opinions flying about (pardon the pun). The use of tape goes back some years, when I first got into direct strike combat and the use of EPP, packing tape, and coreflute (coroplast in the US). My one and only exception was the the delusional moment I put my EPO pz stryker up against one of the EPP combat planes. One hit and the stryker disintegrated. Humurous because it was its' 3rd flight, with it breaking the motor mount on its' maiden, stripping a servo on it's 2nd, and good riddance on the 3rd. And after all the glowing reports on Wattflyer too. Still, it kept me away from ARF's for a few years, which didn't hurt.

The use of packing tape on EPP is about the only way to go, with very little in the way of alternatives (which I'm sure must exist). The chemical composition of EPP resists practically all adhesives to apply tape with, with 3m 77 being the most commonly used. There are a couple of other multi purpose sprays about, but the 3m product is easist for me to get hold of. The combination of packing tape applied over EPP foam gives incredible strength, particularly when triangulated over maximum stress areas. My scratchbuilt combat and Luft 46 jets are testimony to how much of a hammering they can take It is an aquired skill, and I've made my share of botches initially, but absolutely nothing compares to when durability is an issue. Only my mother-in-laws' hide is more resilient

When the opportunity arose to purchase a number of bare frame foamies at ridiculously low prices about 18 months ago, I grabbed about 6 of them, all from different manufacturers. My flying conditions are a little rugged at best, and everything has to be handlaunched . The Starmax He 162 was initially glued together, using top quality foam glue from the now defunct LHS. Every landing broke or damaged something, like wise the Guanli Harrier. The belly landings literally ripping chunks out, and even the grass stalks taking bites out of leading edges. So........hours of painstakingly applying clear packing tape over the whole Harrier, with Bi-directional tape over the leading edges, nose, and belly. No special adhesive is needed on foams apart from EPP, as the rest of the foam products will retain generic tape quite well. Bi-directional tape is fibreglass reinforced heavy duty strapping tape in 25 or 50mm rolls, so it may be known as something else in other parts of the world. The difference being was that the He 162 was glued together, and broke very easily, tearing away the glued sections with it. The Harrier was totally taped together, then covered in clear packing tape (the whole job was a PITA because of the Harriers' compound curves etc.) The Harrier still flies, even after some very rough "landings" and dunking in the dam, swiping trees etc. The glued Heinkel became unflyable in very short time..

Since then, I have totally covered my EPO,EPS, Z- foam etc egg shell foamies in clear tape, then attatched the components, wings, etc with Bi directional tape, which is in turn covered with another layer of clear tape. They all still look good, fly very well, and have some "give" instead of going CRUNCH. The Vampire is the latest, and the wings and booms are held in place with the same method-10mm strips criss crossed in a triangular fashion to provide maximum strength from one component to another. Strips along each leading edge, all servos cut very carefully for an interference fit into the recessess, then taped over to hold them in place. In the event of a spectacular nose in, the various sections are simply pulled out as the tape breaks adhesion, and eveything damaged is still in on piece, to be pulled back into shape with boiling water ( no lost bits) The boiling water also releases the adhesive bond, which simplifies clean up.

Well, I hope that clears things up. part of being a free country, is that we can agree or disagree as much as we like, and no-one gets dragged outside and shot Cheers
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