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Default New(to me) Storm 450

I have flown a micro indoor some, and a few months ago bought a cheapie 250 size single blade for $30 at hobbytron. Well, that garbage lasted about 5 min, but the bug hit me even as it was hovering directly into a chopper eating tree with little or no control from the 2 ch radio to avoid it. I won this auction:

While I understand it is not 100% Align compatible, I believe the mechanicals are standard align clone. If not, I'll replace the frame etc to make it a clone.

One thing I am unclear on is FBL converting. First off, is a FBL gyro required? If so, what have you had good experience with?

How much more difficult will it be to fly FBL for a newer pilot? Is it worth getting experience with a flybar first? TIA
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