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Originally Posted by Scirocco14 View Post
Hi folks!

I'm new to Wattflyer and electric planes in general. I've been flying nitro birds for 4 years now and my interest in electrics has been growing as I've seen the ease of use by some of my flying buddies.

I like to build, so I've decided to build a SIG 4*Star 20EP as my first electric build. Power will be an OS 10 size brushless motor and CC Ice Lite 50 ESC. Futaba S3115 servos for the control surfaces, and Monokote to cover it.

Enjoy the build pics! Any suggestions & comments along the way are appreciated.

Yeah, I had the 4*40, and powered it with a very heavy Astroflight geared 40 motor with 22 Nicad cells. Even with this power system, that model flew very well. Finally gave it away some years back but it was still flying well.

It would have really flew even better with the modern brushless motors and the much lighter weight LiPo or A123 cells.

One thing you might check out is one of those computer programs such as, free for 30 days, then #39. IMHO, worth every penny if you want to try different props, batteries and so on with your model.

Retired and the days are just too short, busier than ever!
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