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Originally Posted by Dereck View Post
Good model Mark. I built mine just in time for 'building season' weather to hit Chicagoland, so it's still hanging on the shop wall. Mine's got an E Flite Power 15 lump, which on 3s around 2200mA and a 10 x 7 should offer 'adequate' power for starters.

My main alterations were changing to a topside battery hatch and mounting the aileron servos horizontally inside the wings.

Had a Four Star 40E for eleven years, though Maxim geared brushless inrunner motors were invented just before I got into bigger electrics. 600W out of a 20 cell nicad pack that weighed around 42 ounces. But no-one ever suggested it was boring to watch . Bet the new baby will be just as much fun.

My Four Star 40 had a full cowl originally. Love the 20 moulded cowling! My new baby is covered in SoLite.

Thanks for the ideas, Dereck.

Your Four Star 40 had a full cowl? Was it an ARF or did you build it with a cowl? I kind of like the looks of the cheeks on the 4*Stars.

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