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Default Thanks. Newbie alert.

New here and wanted to say thanks for a well built and easy to navigate forum.

Especially want to say thanks for this thread (that I was going to paste right here but this new tablet dohicky throws the paste into the middle of a line of text 2 lines above where ever I am)... anyway, thanks to AEAJR and all contributors for the "Everything you need to know about EP flight". I've been flying since the 60s but ep is new to me and your thread couldn't be better laid out.

As for myself, I'm old to the field and new to the game. I tried ep a few times over the years but always ended up giving up on it. My latest attempt was in the late 70s or early 80s where I went through several bad parts and setups befor the big gear on a transmission / motor combo disintegrated after a few months work and 2 flights. I ended up swearing off ep and sticking to glow / gas, but ep has now come light years from what I last tried and has become much more common at the fields than glow.

So I'm now old and ep is now reliable. I've done nothing but design and scratch builds for the last 20 or so and ep would make that much easier. It would also make getting youngsters off the couch and interested in interacting with the real world easier and this is my ultimate goal. there is however an ulterior motive. I'm looking forward to some mini and micro indoor fun.

Not planning to swap the fleet to ep, but not planning to dabble in it either, but who knows perhaps someday my big stuff might end up ep. I learned years ago to drop the word "never".

Thanks again,
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