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Default how much did your flying improve in 2013?

Starting the new year I thought it might be good to reflect on how much we have progressed in 2013, with if possible 'before and after' videos?

As I've been flying fixed wing for 'quite some time' my learning curve is relatively flat. Of course I'm still learning, but these days the improvements are not dramatic. Where I think have come on quite big strides is with helicopter flying. I picked up my first proper heli around the turn of 2012/2013 and I've come along better than I ever expected (to be honest I only expected to crash!). This possibly dis-proves the saying "you cant teach old dogs new tricks"

Before and after videos:

March 2013 (this was about the first time I felt confident enough to video my efforts). Flying helis for about three months at this point, still got the training gear on and not confident to try a nose in hover, control rather lacking at times.:

End December 2013. I'm certainly no heli pro but I'm now enjoying myself and am at least in full control at all the times, and even throw in some mild aerobatics!:

I still class myself as a heli newbie but reflecting back on these videos gives me a real buzz on how far I've come.

I'd love to see how far you guys have come along whatever form of RC flying, fixed wing, helis, whatever.

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