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Default aero-works su-31 profile build problem

i have had this SU-31 for a while now and decided to get it flying. I started it last night and the wings went well hinged nicely. went to install the stab and assumed it slid in the same way as the wing. i was wrong lol.

the end i have circled is meant to be open but mine was not so being a newbie i assumed it slid in but it didn't fit so i trimmed a lil bit on the fuse towards the leading edge of the stab to get it to fit. slid right in glued it well.

on to the elevator and it doesn't flush up with the stab because of my inexperience. i get to looking at it and realize what went wrongand i know i have to at least take that section out to either take the stab out or open that area up so the elevator can move freely. so my issue is which option i should take. do i need to cut the stab out or just leave it and open it up a bit for the elevator?

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