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Default glow to electric weight gain,how much extra weight is too much?

hello builders of conversions,

so i placed everything into my rv 4-40 using the 4000mah 40c[a 3cell & 4cell]7cell count batteries and am shocked at how nose heavy these packs make this RV over the last RV 4-40 i built using 2 3cell 4000mah 20c packs to get 6cell. and a feather weight turnigy esc.

i also think the eflight power 60,and 100amp castle esc weighs a lot more than my cheaper hobbyking setup that failed and caused the fatal crash.

now i may have to scrap the location of the batteries that were easily accessible via a hatch in the cowls underside. if i leave them as is i will need to locate the esc at least 16" away from where i plug in the battery which is unacceptable,and the 3 esc to motor wires would also be 16inchs which would be ok. the Rx battery pack would get pushed to the tail area and basically out of reach except by a custom little hatch built in the tail section.

...........oh yeah,i forgot the reason for this post.the question is
so whats the weight gain others have added to their conversions?
.................................................. .................................................. ...
i really don't want to buy more batteries of lesser weight/mah/c rating,so right now I'm looking at relocating the batteries to be installed when the wing is off,change the rx battery out for either using the bec in the castle which i don't want cutting power to the motor if theres ever lvc ,or get a ubec like the castle 10 amp/6v. having to rework everything is annoying since i was building and figuring my design based on the previous RV-4 which i never weighed after completion and gain cg with everything pushed forward.
i would even consider moving the tail servos to the rear of the fuse and ditch the extra weight of those push rods.

sorry for the rambling i just need to go back and re-figure this bird a little.

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