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Originally Posted by Brick View Post
being single now. I gotta get a mattress set. been kinda looking. but buying a new mattress is like picking out a new car.
all the soft/medium/firm/luxury/luxury firm/pillowtop has me bonkers
any new buyers with preferences on where/what you bought...

just trying to get an idea
Check out those Sleep Number beds. We've got one, and based on our results, four or five friends have also purchased them. Everyone is quite satisfied with them.

These beds can be easily be adjusted to be as soft as a pillow, to as hard as a sheet of plywood.

The local Sleep Number bed stores have a setup where you can try it out in the store at different inflation levels. The airbag of these units is made of very heavy material, similar to what you find in those inflatable boats.

Over the top of the airbag, and around the sides is pieces of foam rubber. The top foam is about two inches thick. And, over that is the usual mattress cover, installed with giant zippers.

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