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Default Confused and excited Taranis

So I have been watching the Turnigh 9x for a while now. I really love the idea of open source, and am a big Linux fan. I just couldn't seem to make myself pop for the transmitter programming interface etc.

Enter the Taranis. What an awesome device..... Always backordered... Sh..t

so I have been thinking I really would like to have a taranis, but I am also thinking I would be happy with the 9x trouble is I really don't want to do all the freaking mods to get frsky and telemetry + programming the damn thing.

I am thinking that I will slow boat the new 9xr which has an already installed programming connector.

I guess my question is.. Since the transmitter I use doesn't have telemetry, you would think that someone would put together a completely different self contained telemetry system. Maybe with an interface to a laptop or maybe with a headphone out. I am mainly interested in getting variometer readings real time.

I have done a quick search, and hobbyking makes an external (or seperate) unit but it doesn't have a variometer

anyone know of anything. The more I think about it the more I don't see why I would care that telemetry is recieved by my transmitter. I mean I really don't want to look at anything anyway. I want to watch the glider. so a little reciever with a headphone jack would be more useful to me...

any help would be appreciated
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