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Originally Posted by RickAvery View Post
I purchased 2, 4s 5000mah 40c lipos from The Haiyin Store figuring I'd give their batteries a shot. Their prices were good and shipping was very reasonable from their USA warehouse. When I received them I checked the voltage of each. One battery was spot on balanced @ 3.83v/cell. The other was almost the same with one cell coming in at 3.74v. Red Flag!! I did as their warrenty said and put the questionable battery through 3 charge/discharge cycles on my Bantam BC8 DX and took pictures of the process starting from as received to the final charge cycle. The same cell was still low. I contacted Haiyin and they replied in less than a day and asked me to send them a photo of the battery on my charger which I did, showing the cell voltages. They again responded back saying they would replace the battery with a new one. They also gave me a 15%discount code for a future purchase. I received the new battery today with all cells balanced. This folks is what customer service looks like. You can bet I'll use that discount code. Heres a link to their store.
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That is good news, always good to have alternates for these LiPo batteries.

Just a note, your link didn't work. But, this one does:

And, check out this video on making those LiPo batteries:

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