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Talking Blowone E Cigarette Z Best IMHO

Funny Name for a E Cigarette But these Vapor Cigs work Great, I have tried other E Cigarettes, and they dont work very well at all IMHO, the other e cigs have the liquid smoke in a sponge filter and they dont last very long and dry out fast, I gave E Cigs one last Chance and stumbled on the BLOWone E Cig, This E Cig has a large tank for the smoke Vapor liquid and Not just that, It has a 650Mah lipo, that can last up to a week with out charging, and it puts out a lot of smoke vapor, I Lit up my Last Cigarette 1-5-2014 morning, then I bought my BLOWone Vapor Cig. No Nic. withdraw, as it does have nicotine in the smoke vapor, and I can now gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in the smoke solution, untill I can quit Nicotine all together, This was my New Years Resolution to Quit Smoking, at least for now I am not breathing all that burning smoke and tar and Chemicals that I was with smoking real Cigs, and I am now able to get a handle on Nicotine and Eventually quit Nicotine once and for all.

I just wanted to let Other Smokers Know that I found a Great Product that works Like it Should, and if you tried other E Cigs that did not Work very well for you, this one is the Cats Meow IMHO.

I Hope it will help Others to Quit Smoking all together Too, thats the reason for this Thread and Post, Take care and have fun , Chellie

You can get them at a Smoke Shop or here is a link.

Vitamin Smoke Ultra Premium Hookah Flavored E-Liquid. This ultra smooth E-Liquid has 10mg nicotine and contains Vitamin C, B12, and Echinacea.

I may be getting Older, But I Refuse to grow Up I am Having to much Fun to Grow Up LOL
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