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Unhappy Radio shack rant!

first off its been years since i have shopped there. i needed some heat shrink tubing so i stopped by on my way home from work and i was shocked at the prices they try to charge for something simple as heat shrink and how clueless the employees are. they only had two choices a 7 piece assortment 6 inch in length for 6 bucks and a precut assortment 1 inch,30 pieces 17 bucks. so needless to say i scratched that purchase. started looking for some wire to connect the lights going in my cub. hardly any wire that i would be able to use and when i found some 20G wire i could use it was 8 bucks for a 10 ft roll. so i just walked away from that section and just decided to get some batteries needed around the house. went to pay for them and i had like nine dollars in 1.00 coins (from the change machine at work) and the lady at the register asked me what they were i replied they were dollar pieces. she replied they look like gold quarters i replied no mam they are not. she said i have never seen anything like these told me to hold on for a minute and took the coins in the back. i could hear her talking to the person and she asked him what they were and he told her. she then asked if they were real and asked if they could take them. i am standing there like what the no way this girl is that damn helpless. she came back out and finished the purchase. i have never had a simple trip to the store be so disappointing and dare i say informative i now know why people dont shop there and most of their stores are closing. i am still in shock
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