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Default Charging LiFe battery

I did a search for this and I didn't find what I was looking for.

I just got a Zippy, 1800mAh, 3s, 20c, LiFe transmitter battery from HK.

I used a Turnigy Acucel-6 charger and set it up to put the first charge into the battery on the balance setting. I set it for a modest .5A charge @ 9.9v All appears to be good but was concerned that when I pushed the start button, the charger started out at 10.8v.... Is this normal? The battery charge fine and didn't over heat. I put it in my Turnigy 9x Tx and it shows 10v. If this IS normal, what is the cut of voltage I should be looking for so I don't ruin the battery?
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