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Default what glider to build

I know this has been beaten to death but here we go.

I currently own a Roc Hobby V tail glider. It is a foam V tail of course which is 2.2 meters.

I have discovered I love to thermal. I also love to build.

I have been considering
A DJ aerotech Chrysalis

Oly II by skybench Maybe even the 3

A Bird of Time

and just because I have never built one of his kits before
the Stevens Aero Glider.

I want a glider that will blow my Roc Hobby foamy away!

I have been pretty successful at thermaling with it but I just think a balsa would fly better...


Will I really miss the ailerons and flaps?

If I decide I wanted full house which of the kits above would be easier to modify, and being in poor health, a motor is mandatory.

is way bigger really way better?

Opinions wanted

Oh ya... Why the hell isn't anyone making full house quality glider kits designed up front for a motor?
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