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Default First Night Flight

So I just had the first night flight on my Flyzone Mini Switch...and I didn't crash. I took off from the street, with snow banks about 8 feet high on either side, leaving little room for error. I just didn't feel like walking into the snow to take off. Overall, the flight was great, or two flights rather. The first flight, there was still some light left in the day, and I was able to see the plane well. As the lights are on the bottom, I was able to navigate while I saw the lights. With inverted, well, I couldn't see the plane well. Then I came into another slight issue: landing. It turns out the plane actually points down a bit and isn't high above you when landing, who knew? And it also turns out that the lights are harder to see when you can't see them directly when coming in for a landing. I still landed well though, no damage. On my second flight, it was a little darker, and when the lights were not in sight, the plane completely disappeared. Luckily I knew where it was enough to move the plane around and make the lights visible again. Landing on the second flight was a bit fast, due to visibility, as well as potential oncoming vehicles down the street. It bounced a little, but not uncontrollable. As I was able to land on a street at night, it seems I shouldn't be worried about daytime landing on the street, rather than a large field. I will have some pics up soon.
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