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Build Review Build: 1913 Eastbourne semi-scale bash thread

This build is of the AeroCraft (Hobby Lobby) 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane kit, which I will be modifying ('bashing') in order to make it somewhat more scale like than the stock kit. Here are some of my planned mods:
  • The kit has only the top front hood, made of thin card stock, painted silver. however the actual plane the entire cockpit shell was metal (covered?). I will therefore steam some balsa for the hood instead and use a silver covering on all the fuselage/cockpit planks to reproduce this.

  • The kit has a separate V-stab and rudder, the actual plane had a full flying rudder. If I can at all arrange it so will mine. This will require that I put back the vertical support wires that are also on the actual aircraft but left out in the kit.

  • The actual plane used pull-pull system for all the control surfaces, I am hoping to be able to do the same with mine (the kit elevator uses a push-pull wire). I will not, however, have ailerons. The only way I can think of accomplishing this on such a thin wing would be to also use a pull-pull system, mounting the servo in the fuse. This would very likely work and definitely be 'scale', but it would mean the wings could not be removed for transport. So practicality won out this time; it will stay a 3Ch RET with dihedral wings.

  • The motor will be brushless. I was hoping to use a BL inrunner with a gearbox, both for balance and the side benefit of a more scale like sound. unfortunately from what I have been told, noisy gearboxes are an extinct species.

  • Balancing this plane is going to be tricky (even if I could have found that elusive BL inrunner/noisy gearbox combo), AeroCraft even mentions this in the instructions and recommends that the builder 'spare no expense' when detailing the faux engine in order to help put more weight up front. I intend to do this, and may even use a more scale looking wooden electric prop if the weight added by my detailing is insufficient.

Because both forums helped in my research, I'm going to post this build both here and on RCGroups.

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