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Build Review

Here we go again! Got the workbench all set up.

The kit comes with two sheets of plans, one concentrates on the wings, the other mainly the fuse, V-stab and faux engine assembly. The instructions start with the main wings so I'm starting there. I don't use wax paper, having found a 2 mil sheet of clear polyethylene works better: It's easier to see the plans through it, large enough to cover the whole sheet (and even part of the build table), and almost nothing sticks to it. Not TiteBond, not CA, even epoxy has a tough time getting a grip.

Well, whaddayaknow! Hit my first bump in the road, and I haven't even started yet!

Note to self: Just because a kit is laser cut does not mean it was cut with any precision! I'm glad I started here; at least now I am forewarned! The ribs vary in length by as much as .125 inches! (and yes, they're supposed to all be the same length; the wings on this bird have a constant chord )Fortunately the spar notches are not that far off from each other. Still, I had to do a bit of filing to get them lined up too, not so much that it will cause a problem gluing, but my rear spar isn't going to fit as snugly in all the ribs.

With scrap pieces of balsa holding the bunch in line I sanded the ends even.
(the TE has not been sanded even yet in this photo)

This will mean that the wing chord will be a bit thinner, but it shouldn't cause too many problems, The trailing edge is ludicrously simple so I'll just have to line the wing up with the leading edge on the plan and let the TE fall where it will (about 1/8 inch forward).

I'm used to better quality than this from AeroCraft! I hope the rest of the parts of this bird are cut better.

(Primary wing assembly. The planks in the center are to hold the spar up as the rear notches are not a snug a fit anymore.)

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OK, I got my "drone licence"...
When does the season start and what Ammo can I use?
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