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Default E-Flite Ultra Stick 25e Battery Size?

I crashed this plane no too long ago and it's now been replaced.
Some of my experienced club members said the plane was too heavy and we all know that the battery is biggest weight in the plane. They tell me that a smaller battery will save weight and that it will be able to fly slower if I want to as it's lighter. That all makes sense so far. But I also know that they like smaller and lighter planes or so it seems to me.
I have the Turnigy 32 (recommended optional setup) on the plane and went with the 4s battery recommended by E-Flite. Their recommendation was for a 4s 4200 and I went with a 4s 4000 which was a little lighter but not much.
The plane flying with mild sport activity flew forever, like over 16-18 minutes (and still have some life left) so that more or less tells me for my style of flying that I could cut back on the size of the battery.
And the 4s 4000 mounted with part of the battery hanging off the shelf it was intended to sit on anyway.
Anyway, building a new one shortly and just wondering what battery you might be running with a similar setup.
I am also using Turnigy batteries and in looking at them I see that my 30C battery, the 4000 mah weighs right at 16 oz. I can replace it with a 3000 mah that weighs in at 15.4 oz. but that saves no weight. I also see that I can use a 2650 mah that comes in at 12.5 oz.
I seem to have plenty of flight time with what I have so if I cut back to a 2650 it would probably put me in the ballpark for normal flight times?
Is saving almost 4 oz. on the total weight of a plane that comes in at 3.4 lbs. going to make that much difference in the way it flies? And the last one weighed in right at that 3.4 lbs. weight they say this plane would weigh ready for flight.
It does not seem like it's going to affect things much other than flight time to me?
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